Who Calls So Loud “S/T”

Who Calls So Loud
(ADAGIO830 / Sorry Records, 2008)

Featuring the drummer from screamo kids Funeral Diner, Who Calls So Loud isn’t a far cry (haha… get it?) from the now ex-ed band. Their self-titled debut album (exclusively released as a double 10″) is heavy and intense as fuck with the yelping screams one would expect and hope for in music such as this.

As their world tour indicates there is still a demand, or atleast strong lingering appreciation, for bands of this genre. Thankfully, these kids have a few idiosincracies that will set them apart from the rest of their peers. The slide guitar that makes a handful of appearances on the album, as well as the delayed guitars and occasional ambient sound sample, gives Who Calls So Loud a strong Young Team-era Mogwai sound. In fact, the comparison is close enough to say that had Mogwai asked the singer for You and I or Saetia to do an album with them back in the day you’d probably get a sound almost exactly like this. That just might be something to call home about.



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