The Toy Soldiers “Demo”

The Toy Soldiers
The Toy Soldiers
(self-released, 2007)

Song 1:
Strangely danceable though the recording and mix are relatively subpar.
Beat has a simliar sound to Battles’ “Atlas” or anything from Gary Glitter’s catalog. Interesting juxtaposition of disjointed guitar solos with synth heavy hooks. Vocals overall come across as Arcade Fire’s less intense, little brother, but most definitely in a good way.

Song 2:
A more mellow song that’s almost 100% electronic with similiar spurts of spacey, effected guitar bursts. A disco beat comes in towards the end that is almost indescernable as live or programmed. The vocal hook, “We didn’t look out the back window” is strong and would most likely make for a good appearance on an episode of the OC or maybe even Grey’s Anatomy.

All the songs have decent structure and rarely become boring or uninteresting to listen to. There are definite pop sensibilites throughout the songs, and even hints of more epic inclinations, but nothing is fully delivered. The sound is nothing new or ground breaking, but if Toy Soldiers wrote a group of songs over a couple years they could most likely find fans in the Death Cab for Postal Service, Minus the Faint-esque indie, electro-pop scene. Go for it, guys!


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