Specifically, it’s geared in such a way to almost never allow the real underdogs an opportunity to be widely heard and known. With so many people attempting to “make it” as musicians these days, shouldn’t help be available to those that really seek it?

WHATITHINKABOUTYOURMUSIC.COM offers musicians a chance to recieve published reviews from an outside, unbiased, and informed perspective without the bureaucracy of mainstream publications. This isn’t a website about what’s “hot.” This isn’t a personal blog. This is a resource for musicians who want mass, accessible coverage on the world wide web.

Every album mailed and received will be reviewed and archived on the website. That means no emailing mp3s or web pages. No exceptions.

For coverage, please send CDs and contact information to:

323 Frederick St.
San Francisco, CA 94117

Send all email love here.

Check out our “ads” here.

WITAYM on Myspace


2 responses to “WITAYM INFO

  1. if I send you a demo…will you overlook the fact that it’s a demo…eg. not professionally mixed or mastered or recorded??? And rather just focus on the song material and performance ?

    Cool idea for a site and like I said before you write well…I reckon you could review as a profession.

  2. We try our hardest to not review the music based on things like recording quality and production value. Many demos have received favorable reviews already. Please send it in!

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