Lazer Sword “Blap to the Future Megamix”

Lazer Sword
Blap to the Future Megamix
(self-released; 2008)

In lieu of their first and proper debut EP on LA’s digital B.E.A.R label, San Francisco glitch-inators Lazer Sword have been kind enough to those that know better by whetting our appetites with a 48 minute mixtape chock full of crunchy, cut up remixes and edits that intermingle their signature dissonant space-synth and broken glitch-beat assault with top 40 rap acapellas. While this is far from an original concept, Lazer Sword prove their worth in space credits on this popular medium by sticking to their not-always-so-easy-to-dance-to style and showing both the glitch and hip hop world that they know their way around a wave file.

The tracks on this mixtape follow a linear path straight to bangerville, but the sounds never come across as boring or tired. There are too many screwed up layers and sudden changes in Lazer Sword’s production to allow loss of interest in where they’re taking you with every song; even if it always feels like you’re in a spaceship to planet hyphy. They treat each acapella with almost a hall of fame sort of reverence, allowing the raw vocals to propel and sometimes even carry their tweaked instrumentals. This respect is necessary for Blap to the Future‘s separation from the many other producers that use the electronic-music-with-rap-vocal format. Though it may help them to have popular vocal tracks to help nod your head along with their music it’s by no means a crutch. Instead of sounding like they giggle at each “nigga” or drug-peddling reference over their oscillating synths, you can rest assured knowing that Lazer Sword was nodding their heads to the original tracks before choosing to screw these songs into sweet oblivion.

In short, Lazer Sword is telling you to get ready. They have a lot of ideas, both new ones and revised standards, but if you think they’re going to let them all loose on a mixtape you’ll be happily mistaken. You can tell that Lazer Sword is only just warming up, and, if you’ll take my word, we’re soon to be all the more fortunate for the extra time they’ve taken in crafting their first solo release. In the meantime, enjoy the hell out of Blap to the Future by taking advantage of one of the mixtape’s best qualities; it’s free download available on Lazer Sword’s Myspace page. Peep impending glitch-hop game, son!

– Patric Fallon


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