By Any Means “Urban Urbane”

By Any Means
Urban Urbane
(self-released; 2008)

Ruda and DJ Smiff want to let as much of the world’s population possible know that they are black, can rap better than you, and could probably have sex with your girlfriend. While this kind of widespread communication is no easy feat, I’m sure a mass email threatening “lack of booty for a year” to those who don’t forward the message or the creation of a thirty second video on Youtube would’ve done the trick. By Any Means, the combined efforts of Ruda and DJ Smiff, decided to record a full length album called Urban Urbane instead. The album is armed with the same three points mentioned earlier and has about the same allure and lasting power as the chain email and Youtube video that were suggested in the beginning of this paragraph.

– Patric Fallon

P.S. Ruda and DJ Smiff just reminded me that they also want you to know they like to smoke weed.


2 responses to “By Any Means “Urban Urbane”

  1. Patrice – hilarious. Now I want to listen and see just how much weed they smoke.

  2. A lot! They have tracks through out the CD called “Designated Smoke Break” or “D.S.B”. There’s like 4 of them, because, you know, sometimes you just gotta take a break and light up!

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