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Loose Shus “Demos”

Loose Shus
(self-released; 2008)

Save for a few horrible frat houses in the midwest or even some godforsaken trailers in the deep south, if you put on Michael Jackson’s Thriller at a dance party people are going to have a great time. There is something in the uninhibitedly inhibited sounds of late 70’s and early 80’s dance music that just keeps bringing everyone back for one more listen. Contemporary producers like Chromeo and Kavinsky know the beauty to be found in these sounds, and they’ve given us quite a twirl with their revitalized revivals of the golden age of dance music. If you have room for one more, please lend your ears to San Francisco’s Loose Shus. He’s got a few extra steps to show you.

Through a smooth blend of vintage samples, recreated classic synths, and overtly consistent sexual energy, Loose Shus calls you to move with his revived brand of motorik disco. His style could seem contrived and tired if not for it’s utmost purity of influence and genuine dedication to reliving the biggest decades of dance through music. Those aspects gain my musical respect, but it’s the epicly-written-yet-immediately-enjoyable songs that capture my love. Whether you’re being carried along by the bouncy bass line of “Taurus” or the squealing synths of “Six Minute” Loose Shus doesn’t wait til the destination to drop grooves on you; the whole journey is a well-crafted dance experience. Even on the CD’s closest cousin to a slow jam, my personal favorite, “mmmm hmmmmm”, we’re moved by a solidly mellow beat accompanied by a soft, whistling synth. No matter what he does in his music, Loose Shus’ motive is consistent and clear; put your feet and your pants on the dance floor. Won’t you listen?

– Patric Fallon