Fun Blood “Demo”

Fun Blood (not album cover)
Fun Blood
(self released, 2007)

The recording of this demo sounds like it was done with a single microphone set in the middle of a garage/basement while mom and/or dad weren’t home. Everything comes out sounding loud, messy, and weird just like punk and demos should. The introduction of a wah wah pedal toward the end of the first song is an unexpected and welcome touch to this traditional brand of music. Does that make this band funk-punk, noise-rock? Not really, but it does make me happy to hear something (anything!) different in this tired genre.

While you can tell the kids of Fun Blood are passionate and whole-hearted about their musical efforts it does seem they aren’t used to playing together. Either that or they’re mostly drunk and don’t give a fuck. After listening to all 4 tracks on the CD the second option seems like the most viable one.

In summation; if you’ve got patches on nearly every article of your clothing, haven’t showered for a while, and bleeding from your ears (among other parts of your body) sounds like a good time, Fun Blood is probably your cup of tea.


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