Audiopharmacy “Spare Change Teaser”

Audiopharmacy (not album cover)
Spare Change Teaser
(self released, 2007)

When reviewing demos you need to try to look past production value. It’s difficult, but allows for a more objective perspective. However, overlooking recording quality doesn’t mean you’ll find good music underneath the muffled vocal tracks and poorly mixed instrumentation. Such is the case with Audiopharmacy.

Apparently, these guys like to get high and rhyme over chill-out, dub beats interwoven with nylon string guitar noodling. This CD mixes bits of what I can assume are all or most of the tracks from an album called Spare Change. From what I can tell I’m pretty sure you need an inclination towards dreadlocks and classical guitar driven “hip hop” to enjoy what this music is incinuating their album sounds like. Pass.


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